Welcome to Humanity Collective menu for Winter 2011. Here is a list of our flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Our meds are organic , indoor, and inspected for quality to give you the patient exactly what is needed to help your condition.
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Strain Sativa / Indica Description
Thai -Tannic kush 85 / 15 Is a Thai mother crossed with the Original Skunk#1. Tastes of chocolate and sweet fruit. great for nausea, menstrual cramps, and promotes appetite.
White Widow 60 / 40 Is a Cannabis Cup winner and an amazing strain coming from Amsterdam. Nice pine smell on plump juicy nugs. Very sweet taste with a cool forest finish. hybrid – good for daytime.
Exile 30 / 70 50% Warlock, 25% Northern Lights, 25% White Widow. Strong and sweet with a good pine finish - good for pain & nausea. Hybrid.
U Dub Kush 60 / 40 U-Dub was grown originally at a research facility in the University of Washington. Medicinal smell resembles garlic. Good for hunger & sleepy time.
Matanuska Thunder Fuck 80 / 20 A legendary strain originating from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. Very tasty & fruity in flavor. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime. Hybrid.
Kali Kush 40 / 60 Relaxed yet energetic. Fruity tight buds. Good for daytime, happy & social activities. Hybrid.
The Chronic 50 / 50 Great high yielding hybrid flower. Nice sticky nugs that have a clean smoke. Good for appetite, insomnia & depression. Hybrid.
Royal Afghani Kush 20 / 80 Nice orange smelling herb with a skunky taste. Good for appetite & insomnia. Hybrid.
White Russian 20 / 80 Long lasting clear high. Good for daytime & happy social vibe.
Mango Cap 50 / 50 Sweet and strong smell, taste is mild. Promotes a very calming feeling. Good for daytime & social activities. Hybrid.
G13 10 / 90 A legendary strain that never disappoints. Tasty earth tones. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime. Hybrid.
Fruity Thai 50 / 50 Fruity smell with hits of chocolate. Nice smoke for late afternoon. Good for pain & appetite. Hybrid.
Sour Diabolic Funxta 70 / 30 American Funxta cross with a NYC Diesel. Great Sour D fruitiness with a cool Kush finish. Hybrid.
Silver Shadow 70 / 30 Great fruit smell with pine notes. Tasty day time herb that keeps you on the move feeling right with out the burn out. Hybrid.
Mango Kush 30 / 70 So tasty it makes your mouth water for this fruity flower. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime. Hybrid.
Blue Velvet Kush 30 / 70 Very strong smooth smoke. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Rocklock 15 / 85 Rockstar crossed with Warlock makes a very strong full body high. Daytime, happy social & social activities.
Candy Cane Brain Kush 20 / 80 Just in time for the holidays an amazing cross of Silver Shadow and Grapefruit. Tastes of a berry citrus. Amazing high and good for daytime & social activities.
Skunk Shiva 15 / 85 Very sweet tasting buds that deliver a heavy amount of pain relief. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Kandahar Kush 15 / 85 A heavy body high that is followed by a clear mind. Great for pain, nausea, & nighttime.
White Rhino 10 / 90 Sweet indica berry flavor.
Purple Monkey Balls 10 / 90 Grand Daddy Purps crossed with Afgani. Full bodied smoke, piney to skunky taste. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Death Star 10 / 90 Great Kush taste. Nighttime use only. Great for pain & nausea.
Grape Perma Frost Kush 10 / 90 Nice tasty pine flavor. Good daytime, happy social & social activities.
Chocolope x Purple Kush 10 / 90 Fruity taste with hints of chocolate Thai. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Pure Purple Kief 10 / 90 Purple Kush kief that is sweet and adds so much more too the bowl.
Kushadelic Og Kush x G13 30 / 70 Hybrid cross, fruity Kush taste with every pull. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
The Flying Dutchman 20 / 80 Great heavy high. Good for inspiring creativity. Good for pain & nausea.
Sourdiesel 80 / 20 Creative uplifting high. Tasty, amazing hybrid. Great for daytime use and early evening.
Euphoria Kush x Dutch Passion 80 / 20 Great taste of pine and fresh fruit. Good for daytime & social activities.
Purple Pinocchio 80 / 20 Tastes like grapes with a cerebral high. Good for daytime, happy social & social activities.
Merry Crystal 80 / 20 Very quick hitting high that takes you to the moon. Great for pain, nausea & inspires appetite.
La Confidential Kush 0 / 100 This OG Kush delivers an Indica cloud to the head as you board cloud 9. Good for daytime when in pain but not to get much else done. Nighttime use, nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Super Silver Haze 80 / 20 Very strong smell with hints of spice. Great for a morning medicine as it gets you going and keeps you focused. Great for daytime & social activities.
Sensi Star 20 / 80 Sweet hashy taste that hits head and then rushes body. Great for pain, nausea, appetite & insomnia.
LA OG Kush 0 / 100 The original, with nice crystal flowers and a deep Kush skunk taste… a mind blower. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Granddaddy Purps 20 / 80 Great grape taste lingers on your tongue after tasting this legendary classic. Great for being active. This variety has been recommended after chemo or cancer treatment for pain and appetite.
Strawberry Cough 80 / 20 Creamy tasty smoke with hints of strawberry or kiwi fruit. Go out and do something sativa. Daytime & social activities.
Blueberry Cough 80 / 20 Heavy sativa that smells and tastes like blueberries. Great before a hike. Daytime, active, social.
Neptune OG 0 / 100 Pure Indica that lifts your head to space and back. Tasty fruit taste with a Kush finish. Great for nighttime, nausea & appetite.
Diamond OG Kush 0 / 100 Pure Indica strain. Great Kush taste that relieves all of your pain. Great for nighttime, nausea & appetite.
Jack Herer 80 / 20 Taste is unique like a skunk that makes you feel extremely relaxed. Great for anxiety & daytime use.
Headband 80 / 20 Hits your head first and then brings your body to bliss. Great for daytime use. clear head with a creative high.
Jack-O-Lantern 80 / 20 Great strain of Jack Herer, extremely potent and euphoric. Great for daytime use & social activities.
Grape Ape 20 / 80 Indica dominate, various purple shades that has a grape taste and smell . Daytime, happy social & social activities.
Train Wreck 80 / 20 Sativa dominate with heavy thick smoke, most certain to be coughing with this strain. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Northern Lights 10 / 90 Pure Indica hybrid from Holland that packs a heavy punch. Tasty and euphoric. Great for pain, nausea & nighttime.
Chocolate Pineapple Thai 75 / 25 Great uplifting high, relaxing yet motivating & helps you get through your day pain free. Daytime & pain.
Sage 80 / 20 Smooth pine taste with long lasting high. Good for late afternoon into evening. Pain, nausea & appetite.


Item Sativa / Indica Description
Kali Karma Caramel 50 / 50 Great on ice cream or off the spoon, a creamy caramel with Kush after taste. Great body high. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Huckleberry Truffle 50 / 50 Fresh wild huckleberries wrapped in milk chocolate makes your mouth water. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Raspberry Truffle 50 / 50 Washington raspberries picked at perfect time to be paired with an amazing chocolate in this favorite of Humanity. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Butterscotch Truffle 50 / 50 Bittersweet chocolate with rich butterscotch chips and a perfect blend of butter makes this a creamy tasty treat. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Orange Truffle 20 / 80 Melt in your mouth chocolate with a slight taste of orange. You will not be disappointed with this truffle. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Cherry Truffle 20 / 80 Sweet plump cherries wrapped in a Canna-Chocolate. Very tasty. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Mint Truffle 50 / 50 Delicious chocolate with a winter mint finish. Great after dinner for a relaxing evening. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Chocolate Chip Cookies 20 / 80 Tasty homemade cookie with tons of chocolate chips. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Chocolate Biscotti 50 / 50 Delicious Italian cookie dipped in chocolate. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Almond Chocolate Caramel 50 / 50 Creamy rich fudge rolled in almonds. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Garlic Cashew Chex Mix 00 / 00 Holiday Cereal mix with cashews and Canna-Butter. Good for daytime, social activities & appetite.
Chocolate Fudge 50 / 50 Creamy rich chocolate fudge that will have you sleeping like a baby. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.
Peanut Butter Cup 50 / 50 Creamy tasty peanut butter wrapped in a milk chocolate for an old time favorite. Good for nausea, appetite & insomnia.


Item Description
HCC Sodas Largest Variety of flavors in Washington State.